Books I Recently Bought

Books I Recently Bought
Books I Recently Bought


Hong Kong Book Fair

How time flies!  The Hong Kong Book Fair 2015 is just around the corner.

At the moment, I'm in a quandary - should I be there or shouldn't I?  As a bookacholic, of course I won't miss it for the world.  But this year, I can only go on Friday night and/ or on Saturday. When I think of how crowded it will be, I cannot help but shiver. 

Speaking of book fair, I've just found that I hadn't posted anything about it last year.  I'm now putting two photos of the books I bought at the book fair in 2014 before they "expire" at the commencement of this year's event.  

I'm not trying to show off my purchases with these photos.  I'm posting them because they'll help remind me of what I've bought last year, so that I won't make the silly mistake of buying the same books this year.

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